The Best Self Tanning Products Naturally

There is no doubt that most people welcome the arrival of the sun, often throwing caution to the wind in their haste to get a suntan and ignoring any available self-tanning products but now many are witnessing evidence of the damage that the sun can do and their skin is showing clear signs of premature aging and irreversible damage.

Until the 20th Century, pale skin was greatly favoured but since then, beauty and health has become synonymous with bronzed golden skin and although people were alerted to the risks, the temptation to utilise the sun's rays continued.

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As the sun is responsible for approximately 90 % of premature aging it makes sense to find a healthier solution. There are many self tanning products in the market place and a visit to your local chemists will soon dazzle you with a vast array of sun tan lotions but be warned, the cocktail of potentially harmful ingredients within these products should make you rethink your purchase if you care about your skin.

Fortunately there are healthier alternatives available that will still give you the ease of application and the results that you require but these natural skincare products will also feed your skin and enhance it which in turn serves to promote the glorious brown colour you desire, helping you to look and feel healthier as a result.

When choosing a self tan product try to look for quality natural ingredients; ideally of organic origin, at the same time as avoiding nasty chemicals, alcohol or colourants. Safe, natural and effective ingredients include:

• Pure Aloe Vera – has moisturing, soothing and healing properties and is a vital component of the self-tan lotion protecting the skin and yet indulging it too.

• Vitamin E – there are many benefits to vitamin e, it's naturally anti-aging, helps to reduce any fine lines whilst protecting skin cells from damage caused by exposure to ultra violet light. In addition, vitamin e increases the effectiveness of sun screens.