Truths About Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you against potential ownership and transfer problems. You can legally own, control and dispose of your property with land titles. These documents show all previous owners and transfers, which allows the current holder to trace potential owners.

What is the best time to get title insurance?

A mortgage insurance policy is essential if you plan to refinance or pay your mortgage. This is a requirement for lenders before they approve loans. The insurance policy will remain valid until the entire loan amount is paid. 

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An owner's policy on title insurance differs from one issued by a lender. The policy of a lender does not usually cover the entire value of the property, while the policy of an owner covers the cost of any defects.

What payment plan is there for the Owner's Policy?

The one-time payment and title insurance are paid for as long the property owner and heirs wish to keep it. There are no monthly premiums, unlike homeowner's insurance policies. Owners will have more protection against potential losses if a defect is discovered during the title search.

Does title insurance cover the property if it has a higher value?

In most cases, no. You can however increase your coverage by paying a minimal fee to your insurer. You will need to apply for a separate policy to extend coverage to any changes in the title that have occurred since the original policy was issued.

A licensed provider can provide title insurance. While fees may vary from one state to the next, the cost is still far less than the actual property value.