Why You Need To Buy RFID Tags For Your Business in 2021

There are many applications for RFID tags in the commercial world. Here are three reasons why you need to buy RFID tags and implement them into your business.

GPS Tracking

RFID tags can be created to be GPS tracking devices. GPS tracking has become popular for both domestic and commercial applications. These can be applied in personal fitness, shipping tracking and tracing, vehicle movement tracing, and emergency beacons. This real-time information helps locates assets and people to determine if shipments are delayed, people are missing, or to monitor fitness and activity.

Lots of Information, Small Sticker

Small, passive RFID tags can be programmed so that information can be embedded into stickers. These stickers come on a roll and are simply placed onto the objects. These can then be scanned using a scanner on a specific frequency to read the required information. These stickers can contain information such as instruction manuals, shipping information, or product specifications.


Passive RFID stickers can be used for security purposes, which is highly effective in retail. The RFID tag is activated by the scanner which is usually at the entrance to the shop and, if the sticker has not been deactivated at the time of check out and payment, it will set off the alarm system. These stickers will be programmed to a specific frequency so that other RFID scanners cannot activate them inadvertently.

RFID tags, both active and passive, have the potential to provide industrial benefits in real-world applications. Three reasons to consider RFID tags are real-time GPS tracking, large amounts of information embedded into small stickers, and security applications.