What It Takes To Build A 3D Product Configurator

Now that we’ve covered the main tool you will be using during development (Unity, unless you choose another engine for development), it’s time to examine all the other things you will need for your project to kick off.

1. Top-notch modeling software

As the most impactful visual element, a lot of effort will go into the creation of a 3D model for your product. We suggest checking out tools like Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, and AutoCAD, and finding which of them suits your product category best. You can even get the best 3D product configurator from a 3D modeling company via https://test.vizframe.com/3d-models.

2. Software development kits

SDKs will play an important role in delivering specific features to your application. For example, if you are developing a VR experience for Oculus, you should download the relevant plugin for Unity. For MR development, the MRTK SDK is recommended, and many other players in the VR industry provide their own tools.

3. Experts

It is true that you can build a project with just one developer, but you will have much better and faster results with a whole team. For example, our previously-mentioned Car Configurator involved 4 specialists – one project manager, one developer, and 2 designers. It is also recommended to add a QA engineer for quality review. You will also need to equip your team with relevant hardware and software.

OR, you could just hire a partner!

With a capable partner like Program-Ace, you won’t need to hire IT specialists to work at your company full-time or spend months learning the peculiarities of development. Our company can quickly provide the specialists you need and get to work on building your custom configurator.