What Is The Most Expensive Fish On Earth?

The most expensive fish on earth is the Oryx gazelle which can sell for up to $350,000. The fish lives in Africa and is typically caught using hemp nets. How much would you pay for a fish? It depends on the species of course.

Sure, we all love our pets, and their cuddliness and fun tails. You can even search online to get more information about Alaskan Black cod.

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But sometimes, you wonder: how much would you pay for a pet? And how do the prices compare to human babies? Prices are going up these days; maybe its because we have more rights or because of some new law somewhere.

Either way, people are getting really rich quickly by selling humans as pets. This is according to an infographic posted on Yahoo! Finance titled 5 People You Would Pay $1 Million For 5 Pets You Could Buy For $1.

The most expensive pet is the Oryx gazelle , a wild animal thats native to the Horn of Africa. It costs about $1.5 million, and that includes shipping, vet care and maintenance of the animal. Now, compare this with a human baby.

At only $9000 per month, we can get a real pet for the same price as one of these animals! But there are more expensive pets out there: The price of the Oryx gazelle is actually based on how much it would cost to bring them back from extinction.

If you can handle all the responsibilities and costs associated with owning an animal like that, then go ahead! Or maybe you want something less expensive? There are tons of dogs at around $ 1000 per dog.