Virtual Bookkeepers Cost Less Than In-House Accounting Staff

Hiring a part-time virtual accountant and the financial controller is 30 to 50 percent less expensive than hiring an in-house accountant. When it comes to a financial controller or CFO, most small businesses cannot afford the six-figure salary that comes with that position. 

With a part-time financial controller, you have an accounting expert with a bird's eye view of your business and a trusted advisor when you need him. Your financial controller will help you with financial analysis and forecasts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, but it is not necessary to pay a full-time salary. Pay only for the services you need.

Your virtual accountant will also cost less than an in-house accountant. These are just a few of the ways you will save money, time, and headaches through the hiring process and when you bring in a virtual bookkeeper to help your business. To find out more about bookkeeping costs then visit

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Why Hiring Virtual Accountants Cost Less?

A virtual accounting firm does all the hard work for you, checking your background, providing ongoing training, and choosing the best of the best accountants for your small business.

Why Virtual Bookkeepers Cost Less to Use?

They also provide bookkeepers and financial controllers with their own computer system with QuickBooks, Sage, or other cloud-based accounting software that meets their needs.

Outsourced bookkeepers don't come to your office, so you don't have to provide a desk, chair, or office space. If you are reducing staff in the new year or perhaps implementing telecommuting or shared office policies, you will save even more money.