Strategic Virtual CISO Services

Whatever the regulatory requirements in your field or within your business, too much are at stake if you do not have a CISO in your organization. 

A full-time leader in data security is equipped with the technical expertise and experience in corporate governance to aid in the development of not only solid cyber security infrastructure but also the dynamism to detect, prevent and combat the emergence of security threats. You can also browse online for more information about ciso managed services (also known as “servicio administrado ciso” in the Spanish language).

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Experts are ex- CISOs from various industries. They can assist you in strengthening the staff you already have, establish objectives for strategic goals that support your business's technological demands, and also balance IT administration and ensure that you are in constant contact with your Board of Directors.

There are a few areas that the majority of businesses can benefit from the knowledge of the virtual CISO:

Strategy Definition

Assisting executives in business functions and IT virtual CISO assists in identifying threats to business as well as helping you evaluate your security strategy, and create a security plan by your business goals and technology strategies.


Based on the results of the assessment virtual CISOs can offer a variety of kinds and levels of continuous assistance, such as:

  • Establishing policies and procedures to eliminate any gaps in documentation

  • The implementation of the plan for remediation

You can also search online for more information about ciso managed service.