Some Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Crane Companies

1. Status of licensing & insurance
Before you hire a crane rental company, make sure that they have all the paperwork in order. The legal operation of a crane requires extensive licensing, certification, and both for the company and for individual operators. Ask for their documentation. 
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A reputable crane company will gladly show you their documentation to prove that they are licensed and fully certified.
2. Capacity, capabilities, and available machines
Talk to crane companies to find out what equipment they have and if it is suitable for your job. You should also consider the logistics of the job site. To ensure that your machine is the right size, you will need to know all details about the site and how the crane can maneuver.
3. Company experience and worker experience         
Ask about the work experience of those who will be working for you. What is their tenure? What training did they receive? What background screening and screening methods does the company use? It is important to ensure that both the machines and the operators are trustworthy.
4. Safety record
Ask about their safety procedures. Do they regularly inspect their machines? Are they able to give daily safety briefings? Do their employees have training in CPR and first aid? Your employees will be more truthful if the company takes steps to protect them and you.