Some Extremely Creative Ways To Eat Avocados

Guacamole may seem like the best way to enjoy avocados. But, it's not. This wonder fruit can also be used in many other delicious dishes. Avocados are a common ingredient in salads, dips, bread loaves, and desserts. 

Avocados can also be used in non-culinary applications like body and facial creams. Avocados are becoming a multi-purpose nutritional fruit that can be used to take care of your body both internally and externally. For a healthy diet, you can also buy high-quality avocados through

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Avocado Recipes from All Over the World

Avocados are not only used in salads and dips; they can also be eaten differently in different regions. For cold drinks, the Indonesians mix avocados with milk, sugar, and coffee, while the Taiwanese eat them with sugar and milk. 

Mexico is known for its Guacamole. But there's another interesting recipe. These leaves can be used to wrap Tamales, or as seasonings for stews and barbecues.

You can also try these delicious recipes, which are available from South Africa if you purchase organic avocados. Ritz is an avocado and shrimp appetizer that involves cooking shrimp with mayonnaise cream, lemon juice, and tomato sauce. It's served chilled on a halved avocado.

Peru's Causa Limena is a combination of layers of cold potato, chile and lime juice, mashed Avocado, and shredded chicken with mayonnaise. It's topped with mashed potatoes.

Ethiopian Spris can be a refreshing summer drink. It has layers of mango, avocado, papaya, pineapple, papaya, papaya, and other tropical fruits. To give it that extra tangy taste, a squeeze of lemon is added to the top.