Save Yourself From Frozen Pipe Disaster

Frozen pipes can lead to disaster in any household. The damage that can be caused can cause serious financial problems for the homeowner as well as their family members.

Just one burst pipe in a house can cause damage of 3-6 gallons per minute, which could result in thousands of dollars in damages in just a few minutes. Hence, if you are facing this issue at your place you can get it fixed through the services of johngplumbing.

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However, the pressure exerted by expanding water on the pipe walls is not what causes it to burst. This happens because water can get trapped between the closed faucet at one end and the ice barrier at the other. Water moves down the pipeline, freezing, so high pressure builds between the blockage, the water tap, and the pipe will burst.

Remember that your homeowner's insurance policy may be canceled if there is a water leak or a plumbing problem in your home. For a burst of water to occur, the water must cool down by a few degrees, which causes ice formation.

It is important to detect and maintain your condition promptly.

You have all experienced the terrible situation of a bursting pipe. You should hire plumbing and drain cleaning company to repair frozen pipes if such an unfortunate situation occurs.

Although the plumber will repair the pipe and should make sure it does not happen again, even a small crack could release hundreds of gallons each day into your home, damaging interiors, and creating conditions that dangerous molds love.