Reasons For Using Online Marketing In Montreal

Here are some of the factors used in digital marketing.


Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is a great alternative to retail stores when ordered properly.

There is a bit of software in computers that supports Bluetooth that is widely used for sending SMS messages that passers by with Bluetooth enabled on their cell phones can receive.

You can choose the SEO agency in Montreal which is also called LAGENCE SEO MONTRAL in French that displays you on the first page of Google.

SMS / text

Text messaging, or short message service (SMS), has long been used as a mobile advertising solution and its ability to reach a wide audience and attract interest remains outstanding.

If you choose a number where the opening speed of text / SMS messages is 95% compared to just 25% of email, then after combining that with cell phone sales you are using more than 5 billion of that Now usable in the arena SMS is seen as a mobile marketing and advertising solution that is very effective for helping companies reach a wide audience.

Advertising banners

Banner ads are a great way to get attention when someone receives a suitable website or program that they have downloaded to their own phone.

Banner ads are shown to customers which usually appear at the bottom or top of the web page. Customize that you can choose between colors, logos, text fonts, and photos.


Currently there are more than 300,000 iPhone / iPad applications and more than 100,000 Android applications growing every day.

So, if you believe Apple has over 3 billion downloads of this app to date, you will find that the demand is definitely there.