Pure Honey – Good For You, Inside and Out

Pure honey is a sweet and delicious and healthy food choice. While some processed species have added sugar and water, pure honey is the best source from bees. The most amazing health effects are its antibiotic properties; 

It is high in acidity and a mixture of bee enzymes which makes it highly resistant to most fungi and bacteria. This makes honey good for the digestive tract, among other things. You can now go to this web-site to buy pure organic honey online. 

8 Ways to Use Honey to Pamper Your Skin and Hair

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Pure honey is sweeter than sugar, and although it has more calories than the weight of sugar, the fact that honey is sweeter means that people consume less, and thus typically use fewer calories than sugar. Some researchers have found that honey has a beneficial effect on blood sugar in diabetes and causes blood sugar levels to rise much more slowly than refined sugar. 

Honey contains minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that make it a healthy addition to any diet. Buckwheat honey can also help soothe and soothe a sore throat. When used as a sugar substitute, pure honey has a weight control value. Refined sugar is much easier to convert to fat than honey – it can actually help metabolize cholesterol and fatty acids.

Some experiments show that diluting it with purified water can actually enhance this effect, turning honey into something like hydrogen peroxide. Some even claim that honey, although sweet, has antibacterial properties that are beneficial for teeth and slow the growth of plaque and bacteria.