Plants Breathe Too Know Why Air is Important for Our Green Friends

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Can you live without air? Imagine how long would you last without that. Similarly, plants are also living beings. They need air for their survival, releasing energy from food. They also serve another purpose of creating food through photosynthesis. Let’s see how air above and below the ground impacts plants.

Air Above the Ground Level

Air is invisible for all and one might think plants can easily access it above the ground. While plenty of air is present around, plants might not get fresh air due to various factors. When indoors, plants may get stagnant air that’s low on essential components like oxygen and loaded with toxic ones.

Moreover, plants inside a building can also collect debris, dust, and dirt on their leaves. It can serve as a roadblock for gas exchange and inhalation of light through the leaves' surface. Thus, keeping the surface of plants clean helps make them look good and encourages a better life.

Air Below the Ground Level

Plants have a part under the ground as well. Those roots also need air, mainly to support breathing function. So, if air fails to reach the roots, this can lead to the plant’s death due to root failure. That’s because roots cannot soak up enough nutrients and water for the plant’s growth and lead to brown/yellow leaves. Heavily saturated soils are a primary cause of the lack of air under the ground.

Thus, it is essential for the plant to get sufficient air above and below the ground. Melbourne plant hire professionals can help you with the right placement, watering, and other essentials to ensure you have long-lasting and healthy plants.