Plan Your Defense With a Tampas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Communication is key to the success of your criminal case. A good relationship between client and lawyer is key to successfully defending criminal charges in court. A Tampa’s criminal lawyer should work closely with you to build a defense that is based on a legal interpretation. If you want the relationship to be successful, it is important that you communicate well.

This should serve as the foundation for your entire defense. Your first meeting with a Tampa’s criminal lawyer from Musca Law will be your chance to share your story and help them prepare your defense. Your lawyer should then explain to you the following details of your case:

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A lawyer-client privilege is a confidentiality agreement that will be between you. It means that any statements or words you make or say are between you. This agreement allows you to be honest and open with them when you are presenting your case.

Your lawyer and you will work together to create a defense case that will support your version and include all evidence. Your lawyer can use the version of events that you have compiled to counter any evidence from the prosecution. This version of events can be altered, added to, or removed at any time during the trial.

A total denial of charges means that you must prove your innocence. If there is no evidence to support your innocence, your lawyer might recommend that you plead guilty to all charges. A plea of guilty could result in a reduction in the severity of penalties.

They will be your defense lawyer and create a theory of case that includes testimony from witnesses and other evidence. Every criminal case is different. By listening to Tampa's criminal lawyer, you can ensure that they receive the best defense possible.