PEPSI- Now More Than A Soft Drink

The PEPSI was just an aerated beverage from the past. The cola drink that is popular from the giant of cola PepsiCo has become an emblem, a symbol of the new nation. It has a distinct identity that can be a source of inspiration for people. Now you can even order online your favorite beverage from various outlets.

PEPSI began, as many other brands do, but with regular endorsements by many of the top stars. These endorsements helped PEPSI become well-known and increase its market share by a significant amount.

PEPSI is among the few drinks aerated in the nation that appears to be a major sponsor of nearly every major sporting event across the nation. The sector that seems the obvious is cricket. The drink has often been a major, if not an official sponsor at every major cricket event across the nation.

The beverage uses the sport as leverage, and they show its support through commercials on television and other advertisements. One of the most effective examples could be the men wearing blue' commercial that aired during the final World Cup. Each time there is an international cricket match the company puts out an advertisement that pledges its support for the nation.

It is the one soft drink in the nation that has linked itself to the young so strongly that it even invented the name "youngistaan". It means a young nation. This campaign is designed to help the youngsters of the nation feel a connection with the drink, which makes it more popular among them. This will increase market share and sales figures significantly since the majority of the people in nations are is young.