Let Your Light Shine With These Five Ways To Add Color To Your Home

The colors of your home and decorating choices can bring a lot of personality and character to the space. Sometimes it's important to take your surroundings in, but sometimes you just want to add some color in order to either spread some happiness or bring some brightness.

1) Choose rgb led lights  with a  warm or cool color. For example, use a yellow or orange light bulb in the living room to add some brightness and warmth while keeping the temperature comfortable. 

2) Use different colors of light to create a spectrum effect. Place a red light bulb next to a green one in the hallway to create an interesting effect. 

3) Change up the intensity of your colors by using brighter or softer bulbs. A soft white light gives off warmer colors and is perfect for rooms with high ceilings or walls. A bright white light will give off harsher colors and is better for more open spaces. 

4) Use two or more colors together for an interesting effect. For example, use purple and yellow light bulbs in the kitchen to add some brightness and vibrancy. 

5) Add color by using objects as lighting fixtures. For example, place strands of colorful Christmas lights around the tree or hang holiday garlands from the ceiling.