Know Why Plastic Pallets Are Best For Shipping Your Goods

Earlier wooden pallets were used to ship goods. The reliance on wooden pallets has changed over the years to plastic ones. These small, rectangular platforms are made of plastic through injection molding and are widely used in logistics. Plastic pallets are the best choice for shipping goods for many reasons.

Available in a variety of colors

This plastic crates can be ordered in a variety of colors, including red, blue, and black as well as white and grey. You can also request your manufacturer to provide you with pallets in the colors you choose so that your items are easy to identify during loading and unloading.

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Easy to clean

These pallets are made by injection molding and have no joints or nails. These pallets are easy to clean. They can be cleaned manually or by using an automated process. Plastic pallets are safe and can be used for the shipping and storage of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and fish.

Resistant against water and most chemicals

Plastic repels water. Plastic pallets are water-resistant. Plastic's properties make it resistant to acids and alkalis, making them suitable for transporting food.

Allows you to be free from regulations

Plastic pallets can be used without heat treatment. This is to ensure compliance with hygiene regulations. This allows for uninterrupted delivery and eliminates the need to conduct regular inspections.

Long-term cost-effectiveness

Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden or metallic pallets. Many plastic pallets can be nested or stacked, which makes them less bulky in a warehouse. These properties can also help reduce shipping costs as freight weight is a major factor in shipping costs.