Know Some Facts About East London Skip Hire

Skips are typically used on construction sites but they are also available to businesses and households which allows you to get rid of more waste, without having to go between the local recycling and waste center.

One of the major issues within the United Kingdom is fly-tipping which is unlawful and irresponsible. More than 60 percent of the fly-tipping that is done is household waste. This is the reason why services of waste management and skip hire in East London are a good idea to aid you in getting rid of all of your garbage effectively, efficiently, and safely. 

The best part about hiring a skip is being able to throw anything in the bin. Make sure you put it in a uniform manner, which will allow the truck to pick it up easily. Be sure not to overfill the dumpster or leave things hanging out over the sides, as the driver won't be able to take them away with them.

Make sure when hiring a skip you hire a licensed business. The companies that handle waste removal should be licensed by the Environmental Agency, enabling them to take care of and eliminate commercial and household waste across the nation.

When the skip is filled, call the company right away to make arrangements for collection. Don't let it sit in the open with a lot of trash to sit for longer. Many companies will accept when you fill your skip earlier and will dispatch a lorry and crew to pick up the skip in the shortest period.