Information About SAFe Product Owner And Scrum Owner


While I discussed that the SAFe function and the Scrum function are extremely distinct, there also are similarities.

The SAFe Product Owner is a part of the team, Exactly like the Scrum Product Owner. Both direct the staff to function on the most important items. Both functions are responsible for optimizing the value of their job from the group. Additionally, they both imply a target for the next iteration, which assists to inspect and adapt during and after the iteration.

At Pretty Agile, you can also get the best training for the SAFe product owner and scrum owner online. The SAFe product owner handles and gets the end-responsibility for its (Team/Product) backlog. Both in SAFe and Scrum will the Product Owner take part in the (Iteration/Sprint) Planning, Retrospective, and Inspection in a similar manner.

Descriptiveness SAFe vs basic Scrum

SAFe requires many words to describe the Product Owner role. The Scrum Guide is intentionally non-descriptive to concentrate on the frame itself and allow various types of software.

Particular SAFe responsibilities, absent in the Scrum Guide

The SAFe Product Owner is extremely much involved in app backlog refinement. A SAFe Program Backlog gets the forthcoming Features to get an alternative. A Scrum Product Backlog concentrates on merchandise.

The SAFe Product Owner functions as a client proxy, working with Product Management and other stakeholders. The Scrum Guide does not talk about this whatsoever.  

A SAFe Product Owner employs Behavior-Driven Development. A Scrum Product Owner doesn't have this duty since it's for your Development Team to ascertain how they construct an increment.


The SAFe Product Owner and the Scrum Product Owner possess a similar function within their teams. On the other hand, the Scrum Product Owner has the authority within the merchandise utilizing the Product Backlog. As a SAFe Product Owner that can help a particular team to understand the two units: Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs).

So the next time you find a project description for a Product Owner, do not assume you are aware of what the role involves. Rather, make sure yourself whether it's for Scrum surroundings or a SAFe atmosphere.