Importance Of Student Agency in Sydney

Learning through meaningful and relevant activities for learners is called student agency. It's often initiated by students with the appropriate guidance of teachers. Student agency in Sydney allows students to have control over how they learn. Students have a stake in the choices made for them.

For example, you might give students the option of choosing between writing assignments or projects. Students' ability to make decisions leads to greater interest and motivation. The Department of Education defines student agency in Sydney as personalized Learning.  This empowers students to determine their own path to mastery. 

You encourage students to take control and increase motivation. This will help you improve your cognitive ability to make students take charge of their lives. It also ensures that students are responsive to your activities. Student agency is based on the belief that students have the potential and the will to positively impact their lives and the world around them. 

The ability to set goals, reflect on them and then act responsibly in order to make a difference. It's about taking action rather than waiting for others to do so. Students who are active agents in learning, i.e. when they decide what and how to learn, are more motivated to learn and have higher learning objectives. 

They are also more likely "to have learned how to learn", which is a valuable skill they will be able to use all their lives. Agency can be used in almost any context, whether it is moral, economic, or creative. Students need to develop moral agency in order to make decisions that recognize the rights and needs of others.