How To Unblock Your Own Drain?

So, you have a blocked drain – an annoying, inconvenient, and most embarrassing, but the common issue around the home. The most annoying part of the issue is that you can normally avoid it happening, but seeing as it's already blocked, let's talk about curing it.

You can get rid of blockage by getting expert drain cleaner assistance. But if you are doing it on your own then you need to identify where the blockage is, then get yourself some handy drainage kit. Firstly you will need some chemical cleaner, along with some drainage rods.

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Chemical cleaner than being found at most good shopping centers (make sure you read the label before use) and drainage rods can be found at your local merchant. The chemical drain cleaner won't cost you more than 5, and the drainage rods no more than 20.

Start by putting the chemical cleaner, as advised on the instructions, down the drain, flush it through with hot water, to see if it loosens the obstruction. Repeat and repeat 3 or 4 times, but if you come to a point where the blockage simply isn't clearing, then it is time to take more action with the drainage rods.

Locate the nearest manhole to your property, lift the cover, and see what you see inside. If the drain is full of water, it means that the blockage is further down the line – this might mean that it isn't your responsibility, so it is worth contacting your local council to understand what is and what isn't yours to take care of. If the drain however if empty, then it means there is a blockage between your property and the drain itself.