How To Produce Marijuana Seed?

Clones are a great way to produce more of the same type of marijuana without sacrificing THC. You can grow and grow your favorite crops, but when the cannabis plants produce seeds, they naturally produce less THC.

However, the branch could easily have the same THC content as the father. You can also clone some special plants to produce seeds for future use. So don't be discouraged if most of them die. To buy cannabis you can also opt for clones for sale in Oakland at Mendo Bros.

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Selection of parent plants

Cloning begins with the selection of the parent plant. Don't rush into deciding which plants to clone. Plants must be strong, fast-growing, high yield, large roots, and strong shoots.

Both indoor and outdoor marijuana plants are great for cloning. After all, it is best to reproduce the environment. In other words, it is easier to clone indoor or outdoor houseplants.

The best way to make plants from cuttings is at the vegetative stage. You can drink it during flowering, but your plants will have a hard time taking root and increasing the death of branches. When cloned and root plants cut the flowers you want, there are other differences.