How To Plan a Meaningful Memorial Service

End-of-life ritual trends are changing rapidly. While in the United States and much of the western world, funerals are traditionally performed by a caretaker or clergyman, Today's funeral services are much more personal and reflect the spirit of a deceased loved one.

Planning a keepsake services is a great opportunity to reflect on the unique qualities of your loved one. To plan a funeral for someone who enjoys spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature, celebrating it outdoors is a great way to honor that bond. The next decision you need to make is probably the location of the celebration.


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There are parks, beaches, private and/or public lands. A man who loves gardening and spends his happiest days at home can be honored with a lovely gathering in his garden. A woman who has spent her last years studying landscape design can be honored with a beautiful garden on the premises.

A decision has to be made about who will hold the funeral service. Many people are affiliated with religious groups. A leader from this community would be a possible choice. Others, as is common in today's society, do not belong to any religious denomination, so they can elect a secular priest. 

Many people hire a celebrant who is knowledgeable about many religions but can frame the ceremony according to their beliefs and ideas. There may be a favorite poem or other reading to include in the service. Friends and family can also help with some of this advice.