How to Design a Good Book Cover

Book covers may be more important than the content itself. This is because sometimes people just pass over a book with a bad cover regardless of the content because it looks so mundane and unattractive that no one has the time today to waste reading delays. You can also get information about creative book design via

Since your book cover design is the first thing someone will notice before picking up their book, here are some tips every hidden book creator should consider when creating the perfect cover:

Make sure the cover you design is 100% authentic. Sometimes a book cover design that you like subconsciously stays in your head and you unconsciously mimic the elements, which can lead to unintended plagiarism.

Get the gist of the book's meaning and purpose. Then interpret this in a cover design that works. A well-hidden book designer knows how to find the perfect picture that best represents the essence of the book.

Choose a visible and legible font for the title and author name. You can vary the letters slightly to show different meanings. For example, elegant scripts are best for romantic novels, whereas bold scripts are ideal for science fiction.

Try to have a set of four colors for the colors on the cover. A six-color palette is also ideal.

Make sure you play with different color schemes for different design elements. Book cover designers know that color is an integral part of the cover, as are the main image and font.