How long will your roof system last?

Everything is center-based

It is very important to remember that all of these numbers depend on the midpoint and averages before we examine them too carefully. Neither of these numbers is a guarantee nor guarantee that the life of your roof will be within the stated range. To learn more information about retractable roof you may check here

How long will your roof system last?

The longest roof system

Recent conclusive studies on the life of roof systems reveal the following valuable lifespan of the most commonly used roof systems.

Spray coating

We discuss silicone coatings when we talk about spray coatings. This is a coating we make and it is not a standalone system. They are designed in such a way that they can be applied to existing roof systems and extend the life of that system.


The maintenance required to keep your concrete roof up to its useful life is far less than was previously required for metal roofing or most other systems. Some maintenance needs to be taken, no roofing system requires no maintenance, but concrete is one of the less demanding.


One of the longest life spans of the roofing system in this study is EPDM, also known as rubber roofing. If you are looking for a long, durable roof system at an affordable price, EPDM is a good choice.


Based on research, the metal is believed to last between 30 and 45 years after installation. This service life is expected if the roof is repaired over the years. This can be done by regular painting to prevent rust, replacing lower or damaged panels, and replacing the roof if the fasteners come off while the roof moves.