How Carbonless Paper Works

Most of us have heard of paper without carbon and some already use paper without carbon as an environmentally friendly. You can also find the best carbonless paper in Australia via

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But what is the actual carbon free paper?

Carbon-free papers found in the 90s when chemists worked for NCR. Carbon-free papers are also known as NCR paper, a combination of abbreviations "not needed carbon" and piglets from the company name and NCR brand. Carbon-free paper, such as carbon paper, only makes a copy of the document, usually the handwriting part, without using a copier, a printer, or other electrical device. Carbon-free papers are also ideal for every business that wants to reduce environmental waste and increase productivity.

The mechanism behind paper without carbon is quite simple. When pressure is given on the top sheet, pressure (e.g. to make a permanent sign) produces almost perfect copies. In this whole process, the original written copy of the first sheet and the next sheet was made, with many copies of the same seal made. Carbon-free paper is made in set 2, 3, or 4 sheets. For those who want to save a few euros, alternative carbon-free panels can be ordered separately and then gather using special adhesives, commonly known as Giroform Glue.