Electronic Notarization: Easy Way To Get Documents Notarized

In simple terms “e-notarization” or electronic notarization is the process by which an official notary public can notarize documents digitally via the internet. There aren’t any papers physically signed or printed; the entire process is completed with an electronic notary’s digital stamp, electronic seal, or any other type of electronic signature that is accessible via the internet. You can also look for #1 mobile notary signing agent in Florida at Notary Agent Elite.

A Blockchain-Based Digital Notary: What You Need To Know

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Electronic notary seals are electronic copies of a notary seal, which is typically used on paper documents. It also contains the same data, which confirms the name of the notary, his authority, and expiration date. 

Electronic notary signatures are a unique, independently verified representation of the handwritten signature, which is attached to the paper in such a manner that the document can’t be modified. Sometimes, unique identification numbers, which can be identified only to the individual notary or the Secretary of Commonwealth, are also utilized.

Electronic notarization could be the norm of the future however, the legal profession does not seem to be eager to move online. While there could be numerous advantages of electronic notarization, however, there are some issues with the procedure. How can the notary service be properly moved online and safely? Although there was initial resistance against notaries, the field is slowly but surely progressing towards online notarization.