Criteria for Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important decision. Given the many factors that come into play in choosing a clinic, the following points explain some of the main factors in choosing the best IVF fertility clinic :

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1. Does the clinic use the latest technology? Fertility technology is developing rapidly. A great way to gauge whether a clinic is using the latest technology is to look at how much research has been completed in a clinic and how much is ongoing.

2. Do you have a good relationship with your fertility specialist? Dealing with infertility issues, both mentally and physically, is a challenge. Having a close relationship with your fertility doctor is essential for conceiving and raising a family. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with an aspiring fertility specialist to ensure you have a team behind you to help you succeed.

3. How long have fertility practices been around? Nothing can replace experience. The stability and duration of practice is an indication that they have achieved significant success with their patients.

4. How many procedures did you do? Are all procedures performed on-site? Do you have a laboratory for your practice? This experience is reflected in the number of procedures performed each year. (This should also be factored into the personal hygiene issues discussed in #2 above.) The fact that the facility has the necessary operating theaters and high-quality reproductive laboratories reflects its commitment to patient care and success.