Cool Things to Do in Austin During Spring

The sun is rising and everyone is brave to come out. There are lots of fun and unique things to do in Austin during the spring. Take a tour, put your geocaching skills to the test, visit an amusement park, climb Enchanted Rock, or simply enjoy the many trails and parks. Here are some great things to do in Austin this spring.

Push the film

Film Drive is still around, and can be a great family event in the spring because the weather isn't too cold or too hot yet. You can do amazing things to do in Austin to make your life more fun and enjoyable.

A free walking tour of downtown Austin will show you what you've been through without knowing much about it. Allows you to take a closer look and appreciate the history of the city and country.

Astronomical feast

This is the perfect time to go out and see the sky. The Austin Astronomical Society holds events every month to see the stars and the moon. You can also have fun and learn something.

Track dinosaurs

What could be better than seeing traces of real dinosaurs on a river bed? There is a set of fossil dinosaur footprints at the bottom of the bridge and another across the river. Only four sets of dinosaur skeleton remains have been found, and they are in Texas.