Basic Guide Installing Floor Tiles At Your Home

Floor tile laying is the work of a professional tile or highly skilled craftsman as it usually requires special tools and skills to make it look perfect. Laying square or rectangular tiles may seem relatively easy, but difficulties arise when the tiles have to be cut (as usual) and shaped around obstacles in the room.

Cutting hard tiles such as porcelain stoneware or some types of natural stone is a job that only professional equipment can do well. It is possible to rent the right equipment, but it can be expensive and there is still a risk of damaging expensive porcelain stoneware tiles due to poor cutting. You can choose the best terrazzo floor bricks for the flooring of the house.

If you're sure you're going to tile the floor yourself or hire a tile specialist, you'll need to first prepare the substrate on which the tiles will be laid. If the existing floor is concrete, then the work is quite simple – the solution can be applied directly to the floor and the tiles laid on it can be laid.

As soon as the bottom surface is prepared, the area must be measured and an installation plan drawn up for your tile size. This cement-based adhesive (thin mortar) is then partially applied to the subfloor with a trowel and each floor tile is placed on top with plastic tile guides and marked partitions to create an even joint between the grout tiles.

Hard tiles such as porcelain tiles are cut around hard obstacles such as sanitary ware, pipes, and doors using a wet saw with a diamond cutting disc.