Basic Concept Of Storage Box For Trailers

With a drawbar box, you provide more storage space and space on the truck or car that you can use optimally. If you are often on business with your vehicle or if your next camping holiday is imminent, you will appreciate the additional storage space. 

Drawbar boxes made from different installation locations and different materials are available for different vehicles. For more information about the storage box trailer, you can visit

Storage Box For Trailers

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A storage box for trailers, also known as a colloquial box, as the name suggests, is placed on the drawbar of a trailer. There are differences between drawbars. On one side are drawbars with a square hollow profile and so-called round drawbar. Not conclusive for drawbar boxed mounting.

Regardless of the material, the storage box should not be mounted on the drilled drawbar, as the stability of the drawbar cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the drawer box for trailers is either fastened with U-brackets and matching metal counter plates or mounted on the front of the trailer.

The drawbar box can of course be mounted on the trailer's loading area, but there it will fail to create more storage space. For assembly of storage boxes, some drawers already have welded angles, allowing the drawbar box to be attached.

If an assembly set is not included with your drawer box, then a universal assembly set can help. A makeshift is also possible with stud bolts and a metal plate. The plate then acts as a metal bridge and pulls the drawer box against the drawbar.