All You Need To Know About Seawalls

Nowadays, the seawall is a popular choice due to its enhanced functionality and attractiveness and can be used to border the ocean, lakes, ponds, and streams. A seawall protects land or property that ends in a sidewalk or dock or grassy area. These products are usually composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) so they are very resistant to deterioration.

You must determine the length of the seawall that you wish to construct and make out a drawing of the proposed seawall. You can also contact experienced and skilled manufacturers for a customized seawall via

A seawall is generally built on the coastline of a body of water where the water directly runs into certain landforms in the coastal region.

There are several types of seawall designs. The first is the vertical seawall, which is usually used where there is a lot of exposure to the water. These seawalls are actually used to reflect the energy of the waves to reduce damage to the land.

Curved sea walls can be designed to prevent waves from going over the top of the structure and will deflect waves out to sea. There are also seawalls that are constructed in a mound type of design. These are reserved for areas where a large amount of erosion is unlikely.