All About Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls are available in various designs and are suitable for a range of applications. They can be constructed from precast or prestressed materials and the way they are constructed and installed is usually determined by the reason that they were created.

The simplest form of a concrete wall could be a precast or prestressed concrete panel that is set in between supports made of steel. In this situation, a panel that is prestressed will perform better than a standard precast wall. You can know more about precast concrete walls online via

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In the event that the wall is constructed to be able to retain, the panel is typically 150mm or greater in thickness and will be able to span as much as 6000mm across steels. Based on the pressures applied to the wall, it will determine the type of steel, the foundation needed as well as how thick the wall, is and the distance between them.

Concrete panels that are stressed can be used to construct cantilever walls. This requires that the panel be installed vertically and then sunk into a concrete foundation. The panel is typically set by 500mm into the concrete foundation and then secured by reinforcement. The panels are also likely to be 150mm thick or greater.

Precast concrete blocks provide various options for building concrete walls. Interlocking units enable gravity wall walls to be constructed. There are a variety of units available, but the fundamental principle is that they lock together, and the weight of the units together provides the wall with the capacity to hold.