A Quick Guide On Forklift tyres

The number of forklift models being designed is increasing every year, but there are still remain only three types of forklift tyres, which should be considered when purchasing a forklift.

Cushion forklift tyres

Cushion tires are made from solid rubber and are usually optimal for indoor usage. Cushion forklifts use a press-on tire that is made with a metal band insides and rubber on the outside, if you decide to use your forklift with cushion tires on grass, rocks, and dirt you risk getting stuck.

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Pneumatic air and solid forklift tyres

Pneumatic tires are similar to the tires on heavy-duty trucks made with a durable rubber for outdoor and uneven terrain. These tires are typically found on diesel or liquid propane gasoline forklifts. 

Polyurethane forklift tyres

Polyurethane tires have approximately twice the life span of their rubber counterparts. These tires are made for warehouse and indoor use only, having these tires on will result in a gain in traction on a smooth surface. Polyurethane tires are ideal for electric forklifts and are becoming more common because of their ability to carry a higher capacity than rubber tires.


Many manufacturers also provide their customers with a non-mark option for all three cushion forklifts, pneumatic forklifts, and polyurethane. These are typically white or a lighter color and made out of different material for each

Forklift tires are critical components of the truck so knowing as much about them as possible can help you choose the right tyres for the right truck.