A Dentist For Emergency Teeth Removal In Fairfax

Dental problems are always with you, no matter what age group you are. They can appear at any time and cause pain and discomfort to you. This can be caused by various things, eg. lack of routine oral care and others.

Tooth decay, trauma, or infection are the main conditions that require tooth extraction. Sometimes, to relieve pain or prevent further damage to your teeth, one or more teeth need to be removed.

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The dental clinic will make an honest diagnosis and discuss all of your prosthetic options. To protect the remaining tooth from tooth decay, the affected tooth must be extracted and replaced with an implant.

Implants are needed to keep other teeth from slipping and to maintain their normal position. Oral surgery is also needed to protect your gums and entire mouth from infection damage.

Most adults find dental clinics to be more frightening, and dental care is a traumatic experience. The dentist always tries not to frighten or worry the patient during treatment and always tries to ensure that all patients are comfortable and at ease.